There are 7 teams in the Tournament!

Here are the teams and captains:

Team O's & T's - Capt. Kasey O.

Team Martin - Capt. Josh Martin

Team Gress - Capt. Chris Gress

Team Jose Maradiaga - Capt. Jose M.

Team St. Pius - Capt. Michael McE

Team King - Capt. Mike King

Team St. Al's - Capt. Courtney McE

The randomly selected seeding for the 1st round is as follows:

Game 1: Team St. Al's vs Team Martin

Game 2: Team Jose Maradiaga vs Team Mike King

Game 3: Team Gress vs Team St. Pius

Game 4: Team O's & T's vs Winner of Game 1

7 Team Bracket for 2023.pdf